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August 3, 2017

Hello Dear Friends!

God is so faithful! He sent us a young couple (Justin and Clarissa) with experience in Market Gardening! They are friends of Anna Hazen (formerly of Smiles Farms in Turlock) and Clarissa will be working every week for a few hours! Anna will continue to direct our planning schedule to Fall, Winter, and next Spring. We need to break even with labor costs as we build the infrastructure of our Garden Enterprise. Your prayers are so appreciated!!

At Peak Ripeness

• Tomatoes

• Grapes

• Zucchini

• Cucumbers

• Baby Carrots


• Sweet Bell Peppers

• Mildly Spicy Anaheim Peppers

• Sweet Bell Peppers

• Jalapeno Peppers

• HOT HOT HOT Habanero Peppers

• Assorted Melons


Garden Reflections on (IM)Perfections

by Keith F. Martin

Contents of your next produce basket will be supplied by Perfection Farms, Inc. On second thought, probably not. We have noticed that some of our fruits and vegetables have minor “irregularities” in appearance. The shape, surface, or hue may not represent the ideal form of The Peach, The Tomato, or The Squash. (What is the ideal form of something called squash?) We affectionately refer to these blem-ishes as “beauty marks”. Despite their aesthetic imperfections, these fruits and vegetables plainly display the wholesome but varied effects of sun, soil, and water, yet proudly proclaim their tree- or vine-ripened goodness and taste. Confucius said (or was it Bruce Lee), “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” We are hoping that your preference bends more toward superior taste rather than pleasing appearance alone. We are trusting that you will be thoroughly satisfied with the harvest you find in your basket. If you are not, promptly let us know your thoughts on how we may provide a more pleasing offering. Thank you for your support. God bless you all and enjoy!

Recipe Ideas

Susan Brumm submitted a Recipe to use patty pans ( see link below).

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