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Our Beginning

I am overwhelmed with gratitude when I think about the faithfulness of our volunteers.  It has been a privilege to watch  the organic manner in which our Garden has grown volunteers (no pun intended).  We prayed and God brought a donation of wonderful compost to begin our Wellspring Charitable Garden.  Then came our volunteers.   First two women and a man.  Then a talented man with a tractor.  Then another three women.   It is amazing the way a few people can harvest and prepare close to 90 lbs of produce in the space of a few hours.  


Next, we prayed for a Master Gardener with years of experience and God brought a wonderful woman to us to plan and plant our Winter Garden and then a wonderful man to oversee and coordinate our growth into the Spring.  It is like watching the various instruments in an orchestra play together to make marvelous music.  The laughter and fresh air and beautiful surroundings has refreshed our souls!!  


Cindi J Martin, LCSW

Founder & Director 

Our Volunteers

There are many aspects that go into sustaining a charitable garden.  Our volunteers are essential and help with a wide range of important tasks.  Whether it's planting, harvesting, packaging, or delivery, all of our volunteers play a vital role in the success of our ministry.

Get Involved

"As a retiree volunteer, I thank God every day for the opportunity to spend my days witnessing the bountiful, colorful fruits and vegetables that our Creator raises out of the ground for His children.  How awesome is He that He would use our simple labor to not only provide for our dietary needs, but to also raise funding for a ministry He has designed for healing His hurting children?  It is a true privilege to serve and a delight to watch the Master’s wellspring of love through the Charitable Garden."




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