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August 24, 2017

Hello Dear Friends!

This week you will have more tomatoes including some heirloom varieties thanks to Anna Hazen, our Master Gardener! You will see what look like some large cherry tomatoes but are a pinkish color. These are called Arkansas Travelers. They have a small point on the bottom. There are also some Vernisage striped cherry tomatoes with a light grey stripe on the dusty red. One of you received perhaps the yellow-orange colored tomato called “Chef’s Orange”. Enjoy!

I purposely pick all the zucchini at a smaller size but if anyone wants a large zucchini for some reason, please do text me! I am hopeful that by the end of the season, each of you will have had a melon but they are not as prolific as I had hoped!

We have officially moved into succession planting of cucum-bers and zucchini so there are new plants and hopefully more yellow patty pans for everyone as well! Let me know when and if you do not want something.

We have been consistently selling our produce to Churchkey downtown, thanks to Chef Brian and our daughter, Amanda! What a blessing.

And may I please offer a huge praise to God for our precious volunteers: my mom, Norma Rego along with volunteers Vince Hobbs, Becky Slaughter and Wendy Miller for their faithful, weekly help!

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