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Life With Manure

Hello Dear Friends!

I hope you found a way to enjoy your one ear of corn. We cut it off raw and threw it in a taco salad. I did notice some evidence of a pesky worm. It wasn’t as sweet as I like it either. I am not complaining….just letting you know we are aware of these things and want to remedy them. We are working on an organic way to reduce evidence of critters….Keith says he heard somewhere (always dangerous) that humans are being urged to eat more worms and insects. Maybe with enough honey, a locust could be tasty… but only if I could get over the funny crunch. Personally, I am not ready for that much additional protein in my veggies.

At Peak Ripeness

• Tomatoes

• Zucchini

• Corn

• Melons

• Anaheim (California Peppers—mild)

• Serrano Peppers (Hot)

• Baby Carrots

• Herbs


• Sweet Bell Peppers

• Jalapeno Peppers

• HOT HOT HOT Habanero Peppers

• Assorted Melons

Life with Manure

The picture at the bottom left of this page does not do justice to the size of this common weed growing next to my chicken coop. I actually thought it was “volunteer corn” until it was clear to me that this was just a common weed on steroids (aka chicken manure). I couldn’t help comparing it to the same weed in very poor soil (bottom right). That makes me think of Jesus’ parable of the various soils.

It occurred to me that good soil is often full of ….well... manure. Now it is not just any manure mind you, because fresh manure typically burns the heck out of any plant trying to grow in it (with the exception of stinging nettle — but that is another metaphor for another day). It must be well rotted manure. Every metaphor breaks down and I certainly don’t want to push this one too far. But whenever I am complaining about my stinky sinful flesh (or that of those around me), I can’t help but remember that when it is crucified with Christ, God does the most wonderful transformation in the soil of my heart.

I don’t know why God allows us so much time on earth for the sanctification process. I do know that it takes time for fresh manure that burns and destroys to be transformed into manure that fertilizes and makes things grow a hundred fold. There must be something beautiful to God in the transformation process which takes time. I love how he turns the manure of our lives into the good soil of our hearts. Every trial, temptation, affliction, and wound just becomes part of well rotted manure...when I give it to God and give it time...then He transforms my sorrow into joy as He produces a bountiful harvest of fruit that remains...the fruit of His beautiful Spirit.


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