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Our Vision


"...And You Will Be Like A Watered Garden..."

- Isaiah 58:11

We are a small, non-profit farm to table micro-enterprise project that grows, sells, and distributes fresh vegetables, fruit, and herbs to serve and support our local community. Our Charitable Gardens are dedicated to cultivating and nourishing physical, mental, and spiritual health in our community.  We cultivate both soil and soul by using agricultural mentoring practices that target the whole person, encouraging simultaneous, spiritual, emotional, social, occupational, and physical development.


When you purchase fresh produce from us, you are not only investing in high quality, locally grown, garden vegetables and fruit, you are also helping to make quality counseling services more accessible and affordable to those in need.  In addition, you are directly investing in the lives and futures of people who are learning how to produce it.  One hundred percent (100%) of your purchases are invested into our community through our counseling services.


Have you wanted to give to a great cause but couldn’t find it in your budget to do so?  If you are already purchasing vegetables for your meals, you can improve the quality and freshness of your produce AND give back to your community!

One important way that you can support Wellspring Charitable Gardens is by becoming a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscriber.  

Another way you can support Wellspring Charitable Gardens is through your donations.  Whether it be a financial, or in-kind donation of seed, soil, or equipment, we appreciate your generosity. 

We exist because of the passion and commitment of our amazing volunteers!

It is not an overstatement to say that without them, there would not be a Wellspring Charitable Garden.  


When I wrote a letter to about fifteen friends of Wellspring Counseling Ministries about the opportunity to invest in a farm to table micro enterprise, I was stunned by the enthusiastic response.  Not only did I have ten people who pledged a $500.00 investment in our first planting but five people of those same people volunteered to work weekly at making it a success.

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Contact us!

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Wellspring Charitable Gardens

PO Box 96

Oakdale, CA  95361


Phone: 209-607-1887

Self pick-up is located in Oakdale and Modesto, CA

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