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Pruning is Painful but Profitable

Hello Dear Friends!

Our Master Gardener has been busy planting seeds for our Autumn and Winter seasons. Our volunteers have been busy harvesting!

Thank you again to our Shareholders who have made planting possi-ble with your investment in our garden in advance.

Thank you to our “pay as you go” investors for giving us an idea of how much to plant. We would love to have about five more Share-holders and five more “pay as you go” investors so please spread the word!

Our succession plantings include a new Armenian cucumber (bottom right) green beans, patty pans, zucchini and the Tasty Jade cucum-ber. We have some new pickling cucumbers available if some of you would like to try your hand at making pickles. I also love pickled green beans canned with a jalapeno for a nice little kick.

Garden Reflection: Pruning is Painful but Profitable

Today I had to prune back the tomatoes. I cringe whenever I have this garden task. It is much easier to cut off a dead branch. But I have to force myself to cut the lush green tomato vines in front of the plant loaded with green tomatoes and yellow flowers. Imagine my surprise when my pruning exposed beautiful big red ripe tomatoes. For a while, the green vines in front had shielded them from that scorching hot sun. But now, those same vines presented me with a temptation to become greedy for more tomatoes. Had I succumbed to the temptation, I would have missed the luscious ripe tomatoes and they would have rotted on the vine while I waited for “more”.

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